One Of The Inevitable Questions you may have asked yourself is…

Who Are We Going To Find To Watch Our Home When We Are Away?

Once the decision is made to utilize a home watch service it’s imperative for the homeowner to gain as much information as possible about the person who will have access to your home. After all … Will you be turning your possessions and valuables over to a stranger or organization that you know little about? Choosing the right individual or organization with the proper credentials and the right experience is the true value and by far the most important inquiry one will make that out weights the price of the service.

Plan B Home Watch Services Is operated by Phoenix native Pete Playman. We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Arizona.

Not knowing what you don’t know about your Arizona home can be a challenge.

“Since 1982 Pete’s background has been in the local housing arena building, inspecting and servicing homes. Simply…he knows homes and understand how they operate and is capable of recognizing potential challenges before they become an issue. It takes a great deal of experience and to be proactive knowing what to look for and to understand what may be a potential or current problem vs. just looking at something.

We are not a franchise and we perform our services on a full time basis.

Services and expectations can quickly sour and often create a lose – lose for both parties when requesting quotes over the phone from an individual you have never met and from one who has never been to your home to evaluate its conditions and environment.

Pete believes in face to face introductions whenever possible so you know who the real deal is. It is at this time a presentation can be made of your home to Pete along with any extra request of services you may have. He will be able to provide you with a price based on size of home, the frequency of the visits, the individual items requested and the time that will be spent performing the visit.

Do not pass up an opportunity to discover who your home watch person is. When requested referrals are granted it is generally best practice to follow up with them. Referrals are invaluable. Ask for them. Click Here to see some of our Customer Testimonials.

Want to have Plan B meet your home watch needs?

We Proudly Serve the North Valley areas of AZ:

· Cave Creek
· Carefree
· Tromonto
· Sonoran Foothills
· Anthem
· North Scottsdale
· North Phoenix
· Troon
· McDowell Mtn. Ranch
· DC Ranch
· Gray Hawk
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