To ensure safety of the premises we examine both the interior and exterior of your home and property.

Exterior Services

Arizona Home Watch Services
• Check the envelope of the home for unwanted pest, insects or vermin
• Check for erosion, sink holes or drainage challenges
• Ensure irrigation timer is operating
• Check windows and door for security
• Check to Ensure yard is in order and maintenance is being performed
• Ensure pool is being serviced and cleaned
• Check active HVAC condensation lines (seasonal)
• Check / pick up mail, newspapers or left packages
• Pick up any trash or flyers

Interior Services

Home Watch Services in Arizona
• Visual inspection of walls, floors and ceilings.
• Check windows and doors for security
• Ensure utilities and appliances are operational
• Activate and Test A-C units
• Flush all toilets
• Check supply lines to vanities, toilets, sinks, & washer hoses
• Run hot and cold water through drain traps to check for leaks
• Add water to washer P trap.
• Ensure housekeeping is being performed
• Start/idle auto with air conditioning operating
• Check for leaks / corrosion at water heater/softener lines/gas lines

Our greatest asset for protecting and preserving your home’s value is providing you the experience to recognize and identify potential challenges that can arise in a vacant or occupied home. This includes identifying certain signs and conditions including odors that can indicate an existing problem.

When you engage our services we take it a step further beyond just watering plants and flushing toilets. By providing you with consistent visits to your property we will take a proactive approach checking for the uncommon items beyond our own check list.

Not Every Vacation Homeowner Uses Plan B Home Watch Services, But Everyone Of Them Should Be.

Want to see how Plan B’s home watch services can help you?

We Proudly Serve the North Valley areas of AZ:

· Cave Creek
· Carefree
· Tromonto
· Sonoran Foothills
· Anthem
· North Scottsdale
· North Phoenix
· Troon
· McDowell Mtn. Ranch
· DC Ranch
· Gray Hawk
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